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Feel intense rest and relaxation - try our new product! Floating therapy is the free floating of the body on the water surface in a specialized cabin, while minimizing external stimuli. The water is about 30 cm deep and contains a healing Epsom salt solution that provides adequate buoyancy - just like in the Dead Sea. The temperature of the water and the air inside the cabin is the same as the temperature of the human body. Gravity does not feel, and the body - floating on the water surface - takes a free, natural position. It is quiet, warm and calm. Thanks to these conditions, the body and mind rest and regenerate 4-5 times faster than during sleep!

Who is Floating for?


- young adults devoted to careers,

- parents of young children after sleepless nights,

- patients with autoimmune diseases,

- representatives of stressful professions.


- athletes,

- working physically,

- caring for health. injured:

- with a sore back,

- with muscle and joint pain,

- with headaches.

How long does the floating session last? Floating session lasts 45 min.

The effects of the treatment last for several days. To fully feel the positive effect of floating on health and well-being, at least 3 sessions are recommended.


Price: 120 PLN


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