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Treatments for friends

Relaxed, smiling, well-groomed FRIENDS

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It is a unique ceremony in the steam bath-mud using white clay bolus alpha and sensual oils, which can be done with friends.

Duration: 45 minutes Price: From 4-6 persons 80 PLN / person


MY Hammam - RITUAL FOR TWO friends

This is a special cleansing ritual with peeling, olive foam massage and fragrant anointing oils, performed simultaneously for two friends on a warm stone in the hammam. It’s purification, rest and good fun at the same time.

Duration: 60 minutes Price: 200 PLN



Purifying salt-oil body scrub with the aroma of roses or coffee is made simultaneously for 2-3 friends.

Duration: 45 minutes Price: 120 PLN


Hay sauna in the herbal house with degustation

Talaria RESORT & SPA proposes exclusive reservation of our herb house - unique place, where in the aroma of herbs and lightly-borne heat you can rest and gossip together, degustation - depending on the choice - beer, aloe cocktails or tea. Ritual for up to 6 people; reservation needed.

Duration: 45 minutes Price: 25 PLN



On this occasion the Talaria SPA you cannot miss. Our Bania is a wooden cabin sauna, heated by natural wood and inspired by the traditional eastern and northern Europe bathing culture. An integral part is a tub filled with cold or warm water. Bania rituals are unique several-staged ceremonies of the sauna with alternate warming and cooling, guided by the therapist.

A variety of herbal aromas, hot steam, sometimes icy bath, rubbing the salt or honey, or sip refreshing fruit liqueurs, and of course massage with birch twigs, are all part of the ritual depending on the details of its participants and therapists fantasy. If You want Your friends to remember your joint trip to spa for a long time? Order our Bania ritual.

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: 200 PLN / person. - A ritual for 1-2 people

130 PLN / person. - A ritual for 3-5 people

80 PLN / person. - A ritual for more than 5 people



It is the possibility to book the stone sauna only for your friends (up to 8 people), and at the same time a special ritual conducted by a therapist, with the ceremony a variety of scents and fruit "coolants", which consists of a minimum of two sessions in the sauna. It’s purification, fun, integration and relaxation in one. The ritual requires a stone sauna reservation.

Price: 30 PLN / person. - A ritual for 2-4 people

25 PLN / person. - A ritual for 5-8 people


Mellow GONGS *

It is an unusual concert with Tybet bowls, bells and gongs, while special session and relaxing sound massage at the cellular level. It is also an individual (for each), and also shared a journey that inspires and relaxes. You can order it especially for yourself and your friends.

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: 80 PLN / person. - A ritual for 1-3 people

40 PLN / person. - A ritual for 4-10 people


* The above mentioned offer in terms of indicated activity is associated with the necessity of individual bookings rituals, guaranteeing exclusivenes for you and your friends. The day of the selected activity (described above) can be found in our courier, in which we inform about it, on what basis and at what time you have access (PART activity is available in the price, PART - at a special promotional price). Do not forget about the need to register your participation due to the limited number of places.


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