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Potato pancakes, smoked salmon, sour cream

29 PLN

Beef carpaccio, arugula, olives, parmesan

29 PLN

Shrimps, butter and garlic emulsion, toast, garlic butter

35 PLN



Champagne cream of parsley root, truffle oil, herbal cookie

19 PLN

Beetroot cream, "Garwoliński" cottage cheese

19 PLN

White borscht with white sausage, potatoes, fried boletus

19 PLN

Chicken and beef broth, noodles, carrots

19 PLN



Salad with baked beetroot, mustard - honey sauce, sunflower seeds

26 PLN

Caesar salad, olives, capers, parmesan, chicken, sesame oil

29 PLN


Main dish

Vegetable ragout with tomatoes, grilled halloumi cheese

28 PLN

Penne with chicken breast, sun-dried tomatoes, basil pesto

34 PLN

Vegetable noodles, shrimps, goat cheese, basil pesto

35 PLN

Baked pike perch fillet, green salad with tomatoes in honey – balsamic sauce, roasted cauliflower mousse with turmeric flavor

37 PLN

Risotto with boletus, sugar peas, parmesan

36 PLN

Cod sirloin, carrot puree with orange, sugar peas, rocket pesto

39 PLN

Traditional pork chop with bone, fried cabbage, potatoes with dill

42 PLN

Duck leh, mashed potatoes, red wine and cranberry sauce, cherries, herbal powder

45 PLN




Ice cream dessert with fruit and whipped cream

19 PLN

Meringue, mascarpone cheese, strawberry mousse

20 PLN

Chocolate fondant, cherry sauce, vanilla ice

22 PLN


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