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Spa and wellness

It’s 1000 m2 and 86 400 seconds per day for pleasure, activity and relax, for condition, health and beauty of women. This is the most sensual, inspiring and feminine are of Talaria Resort & Spa.

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Wellness & My Spa in Talaria Resort & Spa is prepared not only to care, relax and regenerate but also to inspire and invite to healthy way of living at home.

My Spa is a world of eight treatment rooms and personal treatments for beaty, health and condition fitted for personal likes of every woman. It is also a wellness zone with pools, sensual saunas, pearl hammam, herbal house, cardio room, resting room and exterior park of relaxation and activity. Specially for you we prepared weekly program of lectures, presentations and activities – as individual inspiration for you way of living. We want every women to find her best frame of mind.

The most feminine area…

Here not only women relax but also only women attend. We want every single one of you feel comfortable, safe and free and able to choose your own way of nursing, regeneration as well as condition and health.

There are many ways to success… find your own!

The feeling of comfort is exceptional for every one of us and we differ with character, temperament, age, likes, habits as well as time and surrounding. Talaria Wellness & My Sp is a place which inspires to act without imposing particular form. In Talaria Resort & Spa you can do what you want, how you want and when you want. No matter if you are feeling for social activities or calming down and relax, you can always find a perfect place and idea for rest that will correspond with your mood.

Even with bad weather you can relax with the aromas of nature – hay and herbs straight from our region in the herbal house or treat yourself with rejuvenating apple compress in our softpack bath.

Relax your body and mind during our unique world massage treatment or go to the pool to listen underwater music.

You can train your character during sauna ritual in Russian banya or choose less intensive cleansing in aromatic hammam.

Cosmetology treatment, three hour mind and body relaxation ritual, basic care for the face or gold, peals and diamonds treatment – You choose.

And if you just need some peace and quiet – book the Tower of Dreams or hot sand treatment.


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